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Filled with geeks, our oddly balanced team of sharp-witted bonkers, shoulder the responsibility of providing a comprehensive range of promotional solutions under one roof. You’ll know it when you get to know us, closely.


We are one of the leading brand strategist companies in India who deliver performance that creates value and helps you stay relevant in the highly competitive business landscape.

Whether you are a start-up or an established company, we are a brand strategist consultant with expertise and experience to work towards transforming your business by establishing new revenue streams and driving profitable sales for you. If you are looking for business growth, we can enhance your overall capabilities by providing new direction and defining growth objectives.


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With newer models emerging, it’s all the more imperative for brands to preserve their identity and establish a direct link with their consumers. This goes hand-in-hand with leveraging the reach that marketplaces provide while managing it carefully so that both short term growth and long-term sustainability is ensured. 

We realized that the only way to make a true impact for the brands, we have to offer end-to-end solutions so that the incremental benefits truly compound. We’ve been able to do this with our experienced yet agile team, product-tech focused approach and obsession with customer service.

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