5 Proven Strategies To Increase Your Brand Visibility

Brand visibility encompasses the necessity to increase “brand awareness”, which plays an integral part in marketing strategy. Since branding is most certainly one-way communication like a university lecture, now the point is from where will we get the feedback? 

Once we can identify what makes our brand different from others and how can it turns out to be the best and trustworthy in the industry for the service provided to the customers, there comes a part of how effective your brand is if you are not noticing people’s responses towards the brand? For more than six hours per day, people today spend their time being online this pandemic, and the internet is not a place to miss if you want people to recognize your brand in the digital world today. 

So in this article, we have listed 5 simple tips to increase the visibility aspects of branding to capture more audiences’ attention towards your brand.

Increase Visibility by being Mobile

In the realm of online marketing, research shows that 96% of potential customers happen to use their mobile phones while searching for local businesses. And the fact that if your website is not responsive then how many of those customers are missing?

The website needs to be mobile-friendly and responsive so that your search engine positioning doesn’t suffer. More than 40% of mobile searches are dumped if the website takes more than 10 seconds to load. Therefore smartphone users represent having a huge potential in a customer-driven way to increase brand awareness. 

So the presence of mobile marketing is a key determinant in how your brand is reaching out to online users. Mobile phone users are shifted to voice search for businesses and content, the Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IPAs) like Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa are leading as the applications for voice search reducing the distance between the customer and the brand by more sense of interaction.

Optimizing Local SEO 

When the customer searching for the best services near them in Google, they do want their answers fast. Now the point is who pops up first? Your competitors or You? 

For any business wanting to compete online, Search engine optimization helps any business competing online to advertise your product or services in an organic, unpaid, marketing strategy.

Picking your business out of all other local business that offers the same services and the product is the result of SEO. Optimizing Local search engines requires a targeted and strategic approach that is well defined from general SEO. Thus allowing people to find more information about your business easily and quickly taking them one step closer to the transaction.

Updated Google My Business Listing

Being present where your customers are defining a lot about brand visibility. Early days billboard on a busy interstate or an ad on Sunday paper, today the information highway is the Google listing. Verifying your company on Google My Business plays a vital role in brand visibility, and it is also free of cost.

With a few simple clicks, you are ready to update all your business information, create engaging posts, adding photos, and responding to customer’s reviews from any device – phone, laptop, tablet, all for free. So verifying on Google keep your business’s presence online with accuracy and timely information, whereas regular updating ensures more accurate information to the potential customers.

Creating a 360 Virtual Tour

In a game of psychology, if played both you and your customer win right? Showing your customers exactly what to expect while they walk through your doors, new customers are likely to understand what you are going to offer, and what your business looks like from the inside creating stronger brand visibility. 360 Virtual Tours attracts more customers to your business online in a more effective way to increase your business visibility in Google as well as reaching new customers. Customers exploring your inside business are more likely to feel and act as if they are there in person. A brand new market research strategy found out that listing with pictures and virtual tours generate more interest among the viewers., including Google Street View where mobile users use the Google map feature 44% of the time for searching local businesses.

Keyword Research

Using a keyword planner is the most obvious way to affect brand visibility. A keyword planner is listed with more frequently used keywords associated with the given brand or product which is being noticed by the right audiences if you can understand what kind of valuable content they are looking for. While some peoples already know what they want, and others searching for the best product and prices, therefore you need to map out every customer journey and align your keyword according to their intent. It is not necessary that we have to use the exact location or function of your company as keywords, however, change in recent years has provoked marketers to understand that it is not always fruitful to target keywords that have the highest search volume and choosing long-tail keywords which are having less competition for ranking and delivering ads to the most relevant audience.

So brand visibility is one of the essential elements to understanding during this global financial crisis that we are facing. Brand visibility in a medium like social media is making it easier for businesses to interact with the customers on the daily basis and make them understand the product and services better. 

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